Deadpool Trailer Thoughts

Hello everyone, the new Deadpool trailer came out and I will share my thoughts with you about this trailer. I will be talking about the red band trailer most of the time so if you haven’t watched it go see it below.

Let’s go!

The trailer was good. That’s it.  Good. Yup. Everyone online is been raving about it and I thought that it was nice, but I didn’t find it to be super intriguing. Here is why. The trailer kind of showed off an origin story, which lets face it, does anyone care about the origin story? Even as a comic book reader I don’t care for it, because we love Deadpool when we see him do Deadpool things. We read a Deadpool comics for the action, comedy and not the feels and emotional love story that tend to be lame in comic book movies. Just like if you go see a comedy movie, you mainly go see it for comedy. I am not saying that the movie should not try to do different and other ideas, but at least make them fit into your tone of the film. I don’t want the first Act (origin story) to be a bit more serious,while the rest will be jokes and violence, because that would feel like being thrown into hot water.

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This is why I loved all the action in this trailer, like when Deadpool shoots one bullet and he headshots 3 people at a time. That was awesome! Colossus looks like he is straight from the comics and I hope that they will give Colossus more screen time than in other X-Men films, which he looks like to have. I hope that this will give Fox more confidence with sticking to the source material more closely (<cough>Fantastic Four<cough>). I am not saying to go fully comic book, but I don’t want them to be super different. If you want to see a Deadpool movie, you want to see a Deadpool movie.

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A small problem I had with the trailer is that it was a ‘try hard’. ” ‘Try hard’ for what?” you ask. Well, I feel like they wanted to prove constantly that this will be an R-Rated flick. They showed off naked butts and swore so much until the point where I was like “Okay, I get it you are R-Rated so, stop trying so hard to prove it”. And you could say “But that’s what Deadpool is and should be!” Well not exactly. The Green Band trailer managed to have no swears, butts and it still felt like a Deadpool movie. Speaking of the Green Band trailer can I say how good it was? It felt almost as good as the Red Band one. Here watch the green band right here.

Many things people were quiet about were Deadpool’s eyes! They move when he expresses which was awesomely amazing! That was so cool and if felt really good that they got the details so right! People sometimes forget that details like this make the movie and that if those tiny details weren’t there the film would’ve feel drastically different. Like watching Star Wars or Indiana Jones without its screenplays or Guardians of the Galaxy without its soundtrack. I also have to admit that I thought that TJ Miller’s character was annoying in the ‘leaked’ trailer, but I am starting to think he is funny.

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Overall I would give this trailer an average of around 75%, which is good in my book. Well I hope that you liked my thoughts on this trailer and that you stick to Comic Booger for more awesome content. I know my opinion won’t be as popular as everyone else’s, but hey it is my opinion. What grade would you give it? Make sure to comen, like, share and do other bs. See ya!

Written by: Olaf Lesniak (twitter: @olaf_lesniak OR e-mail:


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