Justice League Volume 4: The Grid-Review

Hello, everyone! Thanks for reading my blog and let’s review “Justice League Volume 4: The Grid”. First, we’ll start with the pros and then the cons. Big !!!SPOILER ALERT!!! ahead.

Let’s go!


The book starts of with the Justice League looking for the new recruits for their team, which I was glad they showed because I adore when teams get new members and we see how process of how they made it on the team. There were many to choose from, but my personal favorites that I saw on there didn’t make it on the team like: Vixen, Zatanna, Black Lightning and even Black Canary(I love Nightwing, but he doesn’t fit on the JL). Instead we got characters that we barely know anything about (Atom [Rhonda Pineda] and Element Woman), but that was okay since it left all a lot of doors open for new realtionships. Firestorm also made it on the team which was cool. I love that we got a nice issue or 2 of the new recruits fighting a threat while the more professional side of the team is busy trying to help people in the slave countries. Martian Manhuter shows up which was awesome when he is helping the recruits fight the evil Despero. And we find out that Atom is actually working for the government who is creating their own Justice League named Justice League of America and that Atom is part of the team.

Then we move on to the Trinity War which is a very complicated event, that we will talk more of when we possibly review the whole story in the future, but we got the first and last part of the event in this and it was really confusing. It was awesome to see the Justice League fight Justice League of America. Then, Justice League Dark (mystical and magical team of superheroes) gets caught in all this. It was awesome to see all those heroes there fighting. It was something every fan wanted to see.

By the end of the story it turns out that the Atom turned out to be named Atomica and she was from Earth 3 which she helped to bring the evil versions of the heroes in order take over our world. Atomica put kryptonite in Superman’s brain to make him weak and Cyborg’s metal parts jumped out of him, which was crazy-awesome! The metal formed and turned into a robot named the Grid all because Atomica found this virus inside of Vic and convinced him to be on her side. The Apocalypse begins.

By the way they did tell us that Flash was fighting Gorilla Grodd in his own city while The Throne of Atlantis story-line was happening at the same time. I am glad that they explained that .I also have to say, the art was nice and writing was very decent.


There was surprisingly more cons then usual, but that still didn’t affect the comic’s quality. The story might’ve been a bit confusing for the new readers and it sucked that the new recruits were thrown under the bus so quickly. They were barely used in any important way and that mde me feel they were useless, all except for the new Atom that turned out to be the evil Atomica, from Earth 3 (that I liked).

I really didn’t like how Plantnum (a robot) that was also one of the nomination recruits of the Justice League turned out to malfunction and began attacking the heroes. I found this cliché that when the team is searching for a new team members a threat out of nowhere attacks and the recruit(s) have to beat that threat, to be really annoying.


The story and art are good and are very enjoyable which adds another great name to the masterpiece that this Justice League already has. Some characters are pushed aside, but the plot is interesting and the comic does a great job on hyping up the next big thing.


Contains scenes that fans waited for and delivered.

Written by: Olaf Lesniak (twitter: @olaf_lesniak OR gmail: olesniak6@gmail.com)



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