Deadpool Changed a Huge Part of Spider-Man’s History

Thank you for reading this awesome post, but if you don’t want to know what happened in “Deadpool’s Secret Wars #3” then I decide that you fund a different blog or article. So huge !!!SPOILER ALERT!!! There is a huge retcon.

Let’s go!

So like I said this event happens in Deadpool’s Secret Wars #3. Here we go. We find out that Deadpool was actually the first one to wear the symbiote suit way before Peter Parker. But what did it really change about Spidey, you ask. Well my friends, the alien race the symbiote belongs to is apparently very peaceful and when this symbiote attached itself to Deadpool it turned out that the evil that it had within itself came from Deadpool’s evil and corrupted side. The symbiote was corrupted to become bad which means that Venom, Carnage, etc. were only evil because of Deadpool’s bad side personality.

What do I think of this? Well it has its goods and bads. Let’s start with the goods. The symbiote first appeared in 80s when Secret Wars came out which was way long before the creation of Deadool. This huge retcon actually enriches Deadpool’s history by making him prominent when he wasn’t even created, which I find to be fascinating. The suit looks really cool on him which is always a plus.

Now the bads. The badside of this is that I don’t see if it was a necessary or important decision. I am a guy who doesn’t mind retcons and enjoys them. It’s not that I am mad about this, but just unimpressed. I find this pointless, FOR NOW! We will have to wait and see if this enhances or plays a role in the future of the Marvel Universe.

Image result for deadpool as venom retcon

Symbiote’s First Appearece

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Written by: Olaf Lesniak (twitter: @olaf_lesniak OR e-mail:


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