Justice League Volume 3: Throne of Atlantis-Review

Welcome everyone for this SPOILERS review for “Justice League Volume 3: Throne of Atlantis” so, remember there will be SPOILERS. Now….

Let’s go!


The Throne of Atlantis is not a story that Justice League and Aquaman want, but a story that they need. This story arc has been really great on highlighting each character and their ability. Wonder Woman had a great moment when her rival Cheetah became a threat to the team. Also we see the relationship between Wonder Woman and Superman being natural and great. It is sad not to see Clark not ever being with Lois Lane, but maybe in the future that might change. The absence of Green Lantern was not major and present, because Geoff Johns focused on all the characters.

Batman wasn’t a major part of the story, but he played his part well and became relevant. Flash had a small key role for the Cheetah part of the story, and then he disappeared in the main Throne of Atlantis story, which I hope they explain as to why they left him out. Cyborg was really great and important. He called in heroes all over the globe to help JL fight the Atlantis army and we also get to see him literally loose his humanity by getting rid of his last lung to help his teammates. Now let’s talk about the two characters that were the stars of this.

Aquaman and Ocean Master were great. This story really proves how badass Aquaman really is and how torn he is between the surface world and Atlantis. It felt as if Aquaman had to choose between his two kids which isn’t an easy task. There is a one major panel when Arthur screams “I am your KING!” which was beautiful!!!!! I was really surprised that Ocean Master proved to be a major threat to the Justice League. His story arc was good and you knew that Ocean Master wasn’t really wrong, so it felt really painfully unfair to see him being arrested. Look at this from this way. I am sure majority of people would do act violently or negatively if your worst enemy would hurt your family member or best friend.

For those who are a bit confused by me talking about Cheetah and Ocean Master at the same time, then I will explain. The first 2 issues were about Wonder Woman and JL vs. Cheetah while the rest (majority of the book) was Aquaman and JL vs. Ocean Matser and Atlantis. I didn’t mind the stories being completely divided because it gave every character some appearance time. The plot twist of Vulko (Aquaman’s best friend) being responsible for the set-up of making it look like humans shot Atlantis with missiles was surprising. And it was just because he wanted Aquman to be the king of Atlantis. I loved to see all the heroes being included and the fact that JL finally decided to include more team members for the team in the future.


The Flash didn’t have any major change or development as a character which sucked! Other characters got the treatment they needed. It is sad to think that Flash is one of those characters that were not well developed and what also bugged me is that they could’ve easily mentioned why Flash couldn’t make it to the Justice League vs. Atlantis story with one line.


Very well developed story with outstanding shots and one page spread art that is jaw-dropping. The comic maybe doesn’t do justice to one of the characters, but that can be overlooked when you are reading this amazing graphic novel. Ivan Reis and Geoff Johns is a team I want to see more of, because together they can create more stories like these.


I want more!

Written by: Olaf Lesniak (twitter: @olaf_lesniak OR e-mail:olesniak6@gmail.com)



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