Justice League Volume 2: The Villain’s Journey-Review

Hey everyone and welcome to my review of Justice League Volume 2: The Villain’s Journey. !!!SPOILER ALERT!!! ahead so, make sure not to read if you haven’t read the story arc, yet.

Let’s go!


This book was written by my favorite writer known as Geoff Johns and I knew going into this I would have a great and enjoyable read and he really utilized the artists such as Jim Lee and Scott Williams. The story was really well pasted and the chemistry between everyone was really great even if the characters shared a single line dialogue to each other. Green Lantern was the most developed and interesting to watch than the others and as you could guess it was really hard for me to see Hal Jordan leave the team. It seems that Geoff Johns loves writing Green Lantern and that he does him justice, even if it’s when he is being an annoying arrogant guy or fighting Wonder Woman.

Speaking of Wonder Woman she is also one of the best characters in the story, because of her relationship with Steve Trevor and even Superman (who she kissed!!!!)! We see her emotional side which we never saw in the relaunch of the DC Universe until now. Wonder Woman so far seemed to have the most interesting future out of all the members, but that might change.

I forgot to mention that this takes place 5 years after the Darkseid invasion story and Johns did a masterful job filling in the gaps of what happened, including the part when we find out that Martian Manhunter was on the team, but for some reason he got into a whole fight with the entire Justice League, which is later one of the deciding factors as to why the group doesn’t let Green Arrow on the team.

Image result for Justice League Volume 2 Wonder Woman kisses Superman

The villain, David Graves was a brand new character that was awesome! He was really well developed and at the same time was a huge threat to the team. You actually felt bad for David Graves because all he wanted was his family back from the dead, but you also didn’t root for him when he did some terrible stuff to Steve Trevor who isn’t a JL member, but he is really important to the story. Sometimes more important than other Justice League members.


This comic’s story was really good, but I didn’t find it as interesting as the previous Justice League run. Some of the first issues didn’t have anything to do with the main story which felt a bit disconnected. At the beginning of the story arc the writer tried giving everyone equal amount of appearance time, which he later gave up on.

This story didn’t feel as interesting or mind blowing. and how interesting the comic is does play into the final score.


Are really enjoyable story that isn’t mind blowing, but is worth everyone’s time. Maybe it isn’t a must-ad like many of other Geoff Johns stories, but it is a fun story that anyone could enjoy. Lee and Williams were utilized really well and the reader could see the details on every character and environment.


Really good, fun and entertaining story for anyone.



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