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Hey again! This is DC Super Files where we analyze specific characters from the time of their first appearance to today. Treat this as something you can read in 5 minutes oppose to a Wikia or Wikipedia pages where it takes half-an-hour to read. The character we will be analyzing is Robin, or should say Robins. In the comments request a character that you like and want to see be done for next time. Now time for the super files of Robin. Make sure to share, like or comment if you like this.

Let’s go!


  • First appeared in April 1940’s “Detective Comics #38’’
  • Created by Bill Finger, Bob Kane and Jerry Robinson
  • 4 characters took the name and persona of Robin
  • Was created to attract the teenagers to the comics
  • Batman’s sidekick; Batman and Robin are often referred to as: The Dynamic Duo or the Caped Crusaders
  • Robin is sometimes named/nicknamed The Boy of Wonder
  • Before going in keep in mind that we will only talk about the Robin character and only will mention on who the character will become after Robin; ex. Nightwing will have his own files

Robin Batman and Robins

Dick Grayson-Origin

  • 8 year-old acrobat named, Richard “Dick” Grayson works for the circus who he with his parents call themselves the “Flying Graysons” who are also acrobats
  • A gangster named Boss Zucco who was payed to loosely cut the ropes of the Graysons before the performance
  • John and Mary die during their performance before Dick’s eyes, while Bruce Wayne sees this catastrophe as an audience member
  • Bruce Wayne has Dick put under his custody as a legal ward
  • Bruce reveals his true identity as Batman and gives Dick his own suit while both bring the criminal who killed Dick’s parents into justice

Flying Graysons

Dick Grayson-Robin

  • Dick becomes the leader and a founding member of the superhero team known as the Teen Titans (team consists of: Robin, Donna Troy, Kid Flash, Aqualad and Speedy)
  • Robin grew into his teenage years and later in the 80s he leaves the sideckick persona and becomes Nightwing
  • Nightwing still until this day continues to help Batman as partners only
  • Dick Grayson becomes Batman when Bruce Wayne is presumably dead, until Bruce’s return

Robin Dick New 52 Dick as RobinimagesIWQ8JN8F Dick as Nightwing

Jason Todd-Origin

  • Jason Todd was a kid street orphan who one night attempted to steal Batmobile’s wheels, but he failed because Batman came before he could prevail
  • Bruce Wayne found out that Jason was put in a school for troubled youths, until later he finds out that it was secretly a school for a band of thieves
  • Jason helped Batman to fight the thieves and that is how he earned the mantle of Robin

Jason Todd

Jason Todd-Robin

  • Robin wanted to find his family which he did secretly, because Batman wouldn’t let him
  • One day Jason found his mother, but it quickly turn out to be a trap created by the Joker
  • Joker beats the Robin with a crowbar and then the Joker sets a ton of explosives to kill Jason and his mother, while Batman has to watch the explosion as he was too late to save his 2nd Robin after he found that he was only looking for his mother
  • This event is called “The Death in the Family” where a Robin is killed
  • What happens to Jason Todd after his death will be talked more in the future when we do the Red Hood files

Jason Todd Robin New 52 death in the family

Tim Drake-Origin

  • Tim Drake was a genius, athletic and popular teenager who loved challenges, and one of those challanges was to find out who the Batman was
  • Batman realized how close the boy was to finding out the real identity that he threatened and discouraged him from learning his identity, but Tim never stopped as he was getting closer and closer
  • After all, Bruce was very impressed and revealed Tim who the Batman really was
  • Tim unlike the previous Robins had a mother and a father, but they died later on in Tim’s carrier as Robin


Tim Drake-Robin

  • Tim Drake wants to become the “World’s Greatest Detective”, which Batman admitted that one day he will
  • Tim co-founded a new team of heroes called Young Justice which was co-founded along with Superboy and Impulse
  •  When that team disbanded Tim joined the newly reformed Teen Titans
  • Then he switched to a different identity known as the Red Robin

Tim Drake as Robin Tim as Robin Red-Robin-6-tim-drake-7503904-999-1594 Tim as Red Robin

The New 52 is a relaunch of the world. It takes place in a different universe called Earth-Prime which is a universe in which everything is rebooted.

  • Tim Drake’s history with the Batman was a bit different; tough he still became Batman’s helper by trying to find out his identity. Tim never became Robin because he believed that it was inappropriate to name himself after a Robin. He became simply Red Robin and was a partner and not a sidekick

Red Robin Red Robin in New 52

Damian Wayne-Origin

  • He was a child of Bruce Wayne and Thalia al Ghul, which made him a grandson of the villain known as Ra’s al Ghul
  • Bruce was unaware of the child until Thalia has gave the child to Bruce at age around 10
  • He was trained by the League of Assassins which included learning to kill
  • Bruce has had a difficult relationship with Damian and he made his son promise not to kill

Damian as League of Assassins

Damian Wayne-Robin

  • Damian hasn’t officially became Robin until after the ‘death’ of Bruce Wayne
  • Dick Grayson had to become Batman while Damian was his Robin until Bruce Wayne returned
  • Damian stayed as Robin when Bruce went back to being Batman

Damian Wayne as Robin

The New 52 is a relaunch of the world. It takes place in a different universe called Earth-Prime which is a universe in which everything is rebooted.

  • Most history of Damian stayed the same
  • Damian gave up being Robin because Thalia put a price on her son’s head
  • Damian was killed by the Heretic (an aged-clone of Damian)
  • Batman (Bruce Wayne) began a quest to resurrect Damian, and he succeeded as he brought his dead corps with Darkseid’s Chaos Shard
  • Damian returned, but different; he became bulletproof, strong and had the ability to fly along with heat vision, until one day he lost all his powers
  • In the far future we find out that Damian is on his way of becoming the new Batman


Other Things to Note

  • The New 52 didn’t change many things about Dick Grayson nor Jason Todd
  • Pre-New 52 had another Robin before Damian and it was Stephanie Brown, but she was a Robin for a short period of time and was not present as a Robin in the New 52


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Written by: Olaf Lesniak (twitter: @olaf_lesniak OR e-mail: olesniak6@gmail.com)



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