Reasons Why it is Good that DC Movies are Darker

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1. Awesome Stories Being Adapted

It is no secret that comic book movies love to adapt famous and popular scenes from the comics, and DC Comics has a tone of comic book story arcs in their library that were critically acclaimed and considered as the greatest literature of all time, but if you look and realize most of these stories are dark, edgy, at times scary and even inappropriate for children. The Killing Joke in which where Joker shoots Barbra Gordon in the spine and stripping James Gordon off his clothes, Joker killing the a Robin, Hal Jordan becoming the Parallax and killing heroes, the Death of Superman, Wonder Woman stabbing her eyes to save people! You see where I am going with this. These stories can only be done in a darker tone providing also more mature stories which some people really want to see.

death in the family killing joke

2. Proves the Academy Wrong

The Award Academy of Film has this niche to always make fun of superhero movies on how the market is oversaturated by them. And it’s not just the Academy that does this, but they think that superhero movies are big dumb action blockbusters that are not impressive. Many people including the ones who won or were nominated at the Oscars stated that the superhero movies in particular are nothing impressive (even though they make the movie market more successful and are the introduction to the indie movies for some people) and that the characters are dull. Don’t get me wrong I love the Oscars and I watch them annually, but they are wrong here! DC has the potential to prove the Oscars wrong.


DC’s films have a shot at changing that perception and making the films more respected when speaking with the ‘artists’ of the film industry. Darker superhero movies have proved to be more respected by the Academy already when the Dark Knight came out so, this could finally show not only the Academy, but also people that superhero movies could be used as another way of story-telling that could tackle different and much respected topics about our world.

3. Gives More Diversity

All the fans love the Marvel movies including me, because they are funny, light hearted, great popcorn flicks, action packed and some of the best films of the year, but the casual audience can get sick of that if it is all they see. For example if you love pepperoni pizza would you like to eat it every day? Think about it. If you were to eat pepperoni pizza everyday it would become less of an eventful thing, and more of a another everyday thing like going to school. This is why eating different type of pizza everyday would make it more refreshing for the consumer.

marvel movies

We don’t want people having only the same type of superhero movies, because they will eventually get sick of it which would probably stop wanting the casuals to care about them. And if you ask “Us fans don’t care about the casuals?” then you might want to reconsider the way you think, because casual viewers are the majority of people who make the superhero films a $1 billion worth property. Sure you can argue that movies still could do well without the casual audience, but that is highly not true. Green Lantern is just one of the films that the fans really saw and that movie bombed. People need to see more variety within the tones in order for them to think that every time they will see a superhero film, they could go on a different expieriance.


4. Different Takes on Characters

Sometimes making a tone of the film darker gives a new and better take on the character which is really cool. I watched Man of Steel and loved the darker tone of the film as which made me look at the hero with a bit more seriousness. I respected the character more and it highlighted better on what he stood for which improved the way I looked at him.

aAquamanWonder WOman

5. Enhances the Comic Book Industry

The rise DC movies will not only enhance the film industry, but also the comic book one! Marvel proved that the comic book sales have went up since their movies became the thing in Hollywood, so this shows that DC Comics’ sales will probably go up and we all know that the DC Comics Market Share isn’t as impressive as Marvel’s right now. This will also bring in new comic book readers.

MvDCvI m

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Written by: Olaf Lesniak (twitter: @olaf_lesniak and e-mail:



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