Justice League Volume 1: Origin-Review

Hello everyone and thank you for joining me to read my SPOILER review of Justice League Volume 1: Origin! Yes, I said SPOILERS, so this will be your final !!!SPOILER ALERT!!! and we will begin.

Let’s go!


This comic/graphic novel was amazing! The story was so well put together and even from the beginning Geoff Johns opens this story with a bang! The story takes 5 years ago from the year 2011 and we live in a world of super-humans and not superheroes yet. Seeing Batman running away from a shooting helicopter on the rooftops of Gotham  was amazing especially if you have Jim Lee doing your art. Every hero in this story feels natural and not rushed in and it is great.


The way the panels are scattered throughout the comic is nailed beautifully, because it is not one of those comic books that has panels all over the place with being sometimes too chaotic. In this you get panels that are nicely laid out, with a ton of uniqueness. The pacing of the story was great and let every hero shine for example, when Aquaman shows off his badassness, or when Flash needs to help Batman and Green Lantern fight Superman, or even Wonder Woman is interacting with a little girl and talking about ice cream. But the star of the entire story had to be Cyborg and Green Lantern, personally.


The chemistry is perfect making Green Lantern one of the funniest guys on the team  because he was really sarcastic which works really well for his character. Seeing Cyborg go through all the changes made the story more enjoyable. You really feel for the guy and you want the best for him and not for his mean and dumb father! (Whoops! I got carried away)  Aquaman was depicted as a complete badass and that was great to see him getting some love. I wish I could have seen the Aquaman haters’ faces. The talking back and forth between GL and Batman was the best and hilarious to read. The villain was a great threat that was nicely introduced to the story.



There weren’t many cons in this story except for a part where the villain was a bit undeveloped, but it felt like Geoff Johns wanted for him to be just a threat for the team that was supposed to bring them together and it felt like he will return with a bit more character development. The writer had already enough to deal with like setting up the characters, developing them and setting up the DC universe so, I will let this one fly by.

Darkseid v JL Image result for Justice League Darkseid


I easily got attached to every character even the villain who was a great physical threat. The pacing of the story  is perfect, and the art is detailed and beautiful. Geoff Johns and Jim Lee are my dream team for this job and I am glad they worked on this together. Perfect team created a perfect book making this another proof that Geoff Johns could be considred as the best writer of all time, along with Jim Lee being considered for the best artist.


Personal best writer and artist of all time created one of the best literature of the decade.

Written by: Olaf Lesniak



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