Kingsman: Secret Service-Review

Delightful Surprise

Kingsman: Secret Service was an awesome movie that no one saw coming. The awesome plot and comedy are just some of the things that complemented the film. The film feels like a classic that will be shown from generations to generations but not to kids, though.

Secret Service Team

Comedic Actions

The film’s humor is downright the best which sometimes helps the plot move along in a fun and at a same time natural way. The main villain of the film is downright the funniest and Samuel L. Jackson gives a brand new look at the villain that has never been done before. The actions od the characters are some of the funniest things seen on screen, where some films struggle with creating a physical joke without coming out too dumb or annoying.

Kingsman villain

Diverse Characters

There is a big diversity factor in Kingsman: Secret Service, not only with age, race or ethnicity, but rather the action and interaction of the characters which is very important in this. The film has characters that are menacing, badass, funny, simple, scared, smart and etc. This isn’t an action nor a comedy movie where everyone knows how to throw a punch or say a funny one liner. This movie is filled with characters that each bring an individual flavor to the table.

Hetero Kingsman Team

Reinventing the Formula

This film is such a stereotypical spy film. But this factor is used to its own advantage where it does all the things spy movies used to be back in the day, as if trying to pay homage to the classics. But it does it in a way where it is still its own film without being a rip-off. There are times in a film where things become to expected when it comes to trying to stick with the classic spy movies, but that doesn’t matter as much, when you are constantly are laughing, enjoying yourself or even being wowed by he top notch action which is beautifully choreographed.

Secret Service


Kingsman: Secret Service is a movie that should be treated as one of the best comic book movies along with proving that ditching the ‘100% adaptation’ isn’t that important for creating an amazing film. This movie provides everyone a laugh that will also reinvent the genre even when sometimes it can be predictable at times. The action scenes are one of the best seen in movies which is a big accomplishment.


One of the best spy films of the decade.



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