Best-Selling Comics of June 2015 Part 3: Dollar and Unit Shares- Marvel vs. DC vs. Image

Good day/evening everyone! Now, we will analyze the percentage of each company’s unit and dollar shares of the month. There is only one rule to this! A company can only be analyzed here if one of their products made it to the top 10 best-sellers. That means Dark Horse and IDW won’t be here, because non of their products made it on to the top 10 list (which we look at in part 1 and part 2).

The main competitors are Image Comics, Marvel Comics and DC Comics (because their products were on the top 10 list in best-selling comic books OR graphic novels/trade paperbacks).

Let’s go!

Dollar Market Share

Image Comics- 9.81%

Marvel Comics- 40.86%

DC Comics- 25.06%

$ Market Share June 2015

Unit Market Share

Image Comics- 10.83%

Marvel Comics- 43.16%

DC Comics- 28.03%

Unit Share- June 2015


It looks like the winner is Marvel in both Dollar and Unit Share! DC looks like to be really behind, but starting next year Warner Bros. will finally distribute even more DC Movies which will make the company a better competitor to Marvel in the comics category. Marvel has made a storm of movies a year which only make the sales of the company a bigger hit. Image seems to be really behind, but they are slowly rising to be stronger then they were years ago. Image is at a low rate compared to Marvel and DC, but in 10 years I am sure they will be right there with the companies.

The overall winner for the month of June is Marvel.

Written by: Olaf Lesniak

The images and the data provided has been done by Diamond Comics Distributors, Inc.


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