Best Selling Comics of June 2015 Part 1: Comic Books

Welcome! Thank you for joining me here! This a brand new monthly series called ”Best Selling Comics” were we analyze the best selling comic books and graphic novels of each month. We will also look at the revenues that the companies had. This part 1 will cover Best-Selling Comic Books of June 2015. Part 2 will be best-selling graphic novels and Part 3  is overall.

Top 10 Best-Selling Comics

10. Groot #1 (Marvel Comics)

9. Justice League #41 (DC Comics)

8. X-Men ’92 (Marvel Comics)

7. Darth Vader #6 (Marvel Comics)

6. Thors #1 (Marvel Comics)

5. Batman #41 (DC Comics)

4. Justice League of America #1 (DC Comics)

3. Star Wars #6 (Marvel Comics)

2. Amazing Spider-Man: Renew Your Vows #1 (Marvel Comics)

1. Secret Wars #3 (Marvel Comics)

There are many things that stand out about this list. I am not surprised to see many #1s doing well because they always do, but I am surprised that people were interested in the Thors #1 title. It is also great to see that X-Men ’92 have still such a strong following among the fans. It is great to see Guardians of the Galaxy characters doing so surprisingly well. For DC the Justice League and Batman titles always preform well so it is not a surprise as to see them here. Once the DC films will be coming out there should be a huge interest in the comics. Nice to see Secret Wars doing so well and Star Wars title dominating as well. We can see how well Star Wars can sell especially now that it is published by Marvel so, it means that Dark Horse comics missed their mark when they used to publish comics for Star Wars, because they didn’t sell as well.

JL#41 Justice League #41 Secretest Wars Secret Wars #3

Final Analysis

Marvel is the winner! They have 8 titles on here that make the most money so we can see that Marvel is he best right now when it comes to comic books. Marvel won this month and it seems like they will be dominating the sales until Warner Bros. makes more DC movies which we know they will.



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