SDCC 2015: Who Won?-TV Shows

Welcome again! Today we are doing another “SDCC 2015: Who Won?” then find the comic and movies category! We will do TV Shows right now! We will analyze the panels that each company had and then declare the winner.

Let’s go!

DC Entertainment

They were really on fire that day! They started the Arrow panel by calling in the actor dressed in his Green Arrow suit (which everyone has been waiting for). They  also showed off a new Season 3 Round Up to tease season 4 without actually teasing anything for season 4, which was disappointing. Basically they tried teasing season 4 by recapping season 3.


Then the cast of the Flash came in! We found out some sick stuff like that Jay Garrick and Wally West will be in season 2. They also announced a new villain, but why would I tell you if you could find out yourself on the Highlight Reel that they showed at Comic-Con. Wait until the end.

They also brought in the Legends of Tomorrow panel which looks really fun and can’t wait to watch this. They also showed off a new Vixen Show that will be coming to CW Seed (online animated show), which at first I wasn’t a fan of, but then I saw this.

They also brought in the panel for Gotham and Supergirl-which they showed off the panel for it. Next we had….


Marvel only invited their ABC TV Shows and not their Netflix ones. It was quite simple because they let the Agents of SHIELD cast to come in talk about season 3, and they did the same with Agent Carter season 2 (that I can’t wait for). It was a nice panel even though Agents of SHIELD was literally forced to show something not to disappoint their audience.

Image (on AMC channel)

They had a very interesting preasence at Comic-Con because Walking Dead is one of the most successful franchises right now. They invited the cast and showed the trailer of season 6 for theWalking Dead. It looks really cool and the fans of the series will love it.

AMC will also premire a new TV Show this August which will be called “Fear the Walking” dead which is basically a prequel to “The Walking Dead”. It is about a family and  how the lived before and during the ‘infection ‘or the ‘spreading’ began and I have to say that this looks cool even though I thought that this would be a money grab (which it still is, but it looks like a decent money grab).

Winner: Image (on AMC channel)

Image was the company’s properties that had an actual new content to offer. Sure DC had some and Marvel barely had anything, but Image was the one that really delved into some new stuff and showed 2 new trailers that had a bunch of content.

Do you agree? Do you disagree? Make a sound in the comments below, share, like and stick to Comic Booger for more awesome comic book related news and reviews.

Written by: Olaf Lesniak



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