DC Announces the Return of the Milestone Universe

Hello everyone, we have some exciting news on the horizon and I can’t wait to share it.

Let’s go!

DC Entertainment announced that they will be adding a new Earth into the DC Universe and it’s called “Earth-M”. What does the ‘M’ stand for, you ask? It stands for Milestone. Remember those guys? Anyway, this means the return of fan favorites such as Static, Icon, Rocket, Hardware, and Xombi along with new heroes and villains that will be coming. Yes, I know that New 52 was supposed to have everyone (DC Comics, Vertigo, Milestone), but I guess it didn’t work out for them so, they had to retry their strategy plan again.


So  DC referred to it as a Dakota Universe for some reason that is unknown to me. Write down in the comments if you know what they meant by ‘Dakota Universe’, because I never heard of it. Jim Lee and Geoff Johns will be the head of this, while they also spoke of introducing this new universe by writing hardcover graphic novels, publishing up to 2 “Earth-M” titles a year as a mini-series and one-shots.

milestonecomics-debut The Return of these Classic Characters

Does this news excite you? Are you excited for the beginning of the new universe? Sound of in the comments below, share, like and continue to read this awesome website! Thank you so much for reading  and have a nice day! Remember to stick to Comic Booger or it will stick to you!

Written by: Olaf Lesniak



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