MORE All-New All-Different Marvel Titles Announced

Hello everyone! Marvel announced even more titles coming this October! It’s time to analyze it so,….

Let’s go!


Blade is back! Ish. This Blade will be a girl, but wait up there you “why can’t you create a new character that’s female” readers, because this Blade will be the daughter of the original vampire hunter. I think this is a very cool idea  that might work and hopefully she will be badass as her father. This series will be written by Tim Seeley and the artist will be Logan Faerber.


Unbeatable Squirrel Girl

I am sorry to anyone who disagrees, but I very much dislike this gal. Look at her, she looks so stupid and I will pretend that this series won’t exist. By the look of this picture it looks like she might become an Avenger. NOOO!!! She is too “op” for the Avengers and I would hate to have her there. Am I over reacting? Tell me in the comments below. This series will be written by Ryan North and drawn by Erica Henderson and it will come out this October as well.


What If? Infinity

This will be a new take on Marvel’s Infinity story-line, that will be written by Josh Williamson which will be all one-shots. What If? stories are always fun to read and sometimes better then the original event itself. Hopefully this will be a fun take like it looks to be. Thanos in a Captain America suit? Priceless!!! Take a look at ALL these one-shots, they look so cool.


Do you like these new titles? Do you dig Blade’s daughter? Am I crazy not to like Squirrel Girl? Answer those questions and for more awesome comic book news stay here at Comic Booger! Thank you for reading!

Written by: Olaf Lesniak

All pictures were used from and all pictures are the courtesy of Marvel Comics


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