SDCC 2015: Who Won?-Comics

Hey everyone! Today I will analyze all the news and announcements that were made at San Diego Comic-Con!

Let’s go!


DC Comics

DC announced a wave of news! They gave us a bigger look into Dark Knight: Master Race with more art and told us who will be helming the project. DC also announced new 2 Superman mini-series, post-Convergence stories coming in October (Superman: Lois and Clark, Telos, Titans Hunt) along with news on a brand new Robin comics since this year is Robin’s 75th birthday. A brand new Batman and Robin Eternal and a crossover event called Robin War! And a new mini series called the Justice League: Gods and Men, whuch will be a tie-in to the main Justice League comic that is currently at the Darkseid War story arc. And a crossover with….


IDW Publishing

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Batman will have a crossover coming this year! It will be really fun to see Batman interact with the Turtles!


Marvel Comics

Deadpool and Spider-Man will get a team-up! Woohoo! We also got a bit more info on All-New All-Different Avengers and a new limited series called Chewbacca that will come this year!I believe that Marvel would have announced more if it weren’t for those leaks two weeks before Comic-Con. Marvel had a nice showing this year.


Dark Horse Comics

Yeah! The great Legend of Korra isn’t dead yet, since Dark Horse Comics announced a Legend of Korra comic that will take time after the events of the last book in the Legend of Korra TV Show. We will also get more inside the relationship of Korra and Asami, and it will be after their journey from the spirit world.


Winner: DC Comics

They had the most surprising and more news which would be only mean that they win. They will also have a crossover with IDW and it will be awesome to see. The winner is DC Comics.

Next on Comic Booger I will compare comic book movies which will include Warner Bros.(DC Comics) and20th Century Fox(X-Men, F4, Deadpool).

Written by: Olaf Lesniak



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