SDCC 2015: Batman ’66 Crossover with The Avengers(but not Avengers)

WOW! DC has announced awesome news…..NOT!

Let’s go!

Batman from the 1966’s TV Show will crossover with the Avengers, but not the Marvel favorites! It will be with some unheard of British spies Avengers. That’s right! Not the Marvel’s Avengers! This was very disappointing and I am surprised that DC didn’t announce this during April Fools! No release date nor team has been announced yet so, hopefully this unnecessary project will be unannounced. Who’s with me?


Well this has been a very disappointing announcement and what do you think about this piece of news? Make sure to share this to your friends and prank them like I was pranked! For more weird crossovers and comic news stick to Comic Booger!

Written by: Olaf Lesniak



  1. Actually I am very excited. To me it makes perfect sense to combine these two classic two TV shows. Steed and Mrs Peel have had a descent comic run. And Emma Peel from the Avengers is my favorite female spy.



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