All-New All-Different Marvel Comics Analysis Part 6

Welcome to another part of my analysis on the All-New All-Different Marvel Comics changes that will occur after Secret Wars! Today we will continue with the Spider-Man titles!

Let’s go!

23. Spider-Gwen

This is fascinating because we haven’t seen Gwen Stacy Spider-Woman in Secret Wars which makes us believe that she died. So this might actually take time in the past! Read the tagline “The secret HISTORY of Gwen Stacy and Peter Parker!”. So this will most likely take time before the incursions, when Peter became the Lizard. So, in this universe Gwen got bitten by a spider and Peter became the Lizard. Peter was also the one to die in this universe and it looks like we will get to know the full story while reading this. This is a PASS as Spider-Gwen isn’t my thing.


24. Silk

Silk is getting a series, again! Marvel is weird. They gave Silk and Spider-Gwen along with bunch more titles a #1s and their run ended on around 5 issues. Sometimes Marvel just makes excuses to make more #1, because they sell better. So here we know that this will be a darker tone for Silk’s character and we see her robbing a bank, so does that mean she will be a criminal? PASS! Just because I don’t care for Silk. I think she was interesting, but giving her own solo series is too much.


25. Spider-Man 2099

He got an awesome redesign! And that is probably all I’ll say because Spider-Man 2099 never interested me as much as every other person and when I see this comic I don’t seem to care. So this is also a PASS. It may look like his suit is immune to electricity as suggested in the picture, which is cool and all, but still doesn’t interest me much.


26. Web-Warriors

PASS! I really loved the idea of Spider-Verse! It was so special and fun to see all these Spider-Men interact with each other. Well guess what? It won’t be as special anymore, because now we have a team book. But why are all those characters there? Didn’t they die? They are all probably in the Secret Wars’ Spider-Verse and it will explain how they all survived or live. The team is made up off: Spider-Gwen, Spider-Girl, Captain Britain Spider-Man, Spider-Ham, Spider-Man Noir and etc. I like the name of the team, but I will check it out in the future when I come across it.


27. Daredevil

I know what you’re thinking. You think that I will say PASS to this one, but this one is actually a BUY! I love Daredevil and I cannot wait to see the direction for him! It will be interesting for him to be that mentor who fights in the night of his city and brings fear into the criminals’ eyes, but he won’t kill them. Yes, I am trying to show the similarities between Daredevil and Batman especially now that he has a ‘sideckick’. But I feel like I will enjoy this and guess what! Charles Soule (the writer of this book) used to be a lawyer, so this is a perfect pick for a writer. And for those who are wondering Marvel already stated that the apprentice is not Gambit. Even if they didn’t confirm that it would’ve been obvious that it wouldn’t be him anyway, because Gambit and Daredevil never had a strong bond nor chemistry so, this would be a terrible pair up. I would love Daredevil to mentor Punisher and help him master the peace within him. That would be interesting. Marvel you can pay me when you will plan on that series.


28. Howard the Duck

Yes again. Another series that almost ran for 5 issues is being brought back. This comic looks funny especially that everyone is getting all these changes the writers make fun of that and say that Howard’s change is that he is getting a new hat. I understand the appeal, but Howard isn’t worth my money nor time if I can buy or read something like Iron Man, Spider-Man, Hawkeye, etc. Yes it is a PASS.


Today was a very pass.. no that doesn’t work. Let’s call it a passive day! No? All right. Well thanks for reading and make sure not to PASS my next part here at Comic Booger! Make sure to comment, and like!

Written by: Olaf Lesniak



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