DC You Mini-Series Analysis

DC has announced 8 mini-series titles just before the Comic-Con and they are supposed to debut in 2016, We are going to analyze them! Bat-Mite and Bizarro were so successful that DC Comics has decided to make more. DC has also stated that if these do well they might continue with some solo series!

Let’s go!

1. Firestorm

That’s right they are back! They used to have their ongoing series, but that got cancelled so, yes now they are back. This series will be written by Gary Conaway, while Ronnie and Jason are back into being Firestorm! And now that they are more popular because of them appearing in the Flash, it is a brilliant idea to include them here.

DC Limited Series

2. Katana: Cult of the Cobra

Another character who will be getting popularity not only thanks to a TV Show(Arrow), but also because of the film she will be starring in next August called the Suicide Squad. The series will be written by Mike W. Barr. What the title suggests is probably that our favorite Japanese hero will have to pit herself against another evil organization known as Cobra.

DC L. Katanna

3. Metal Men

Len Wein will be doing the writing duties for this mini-series and man this will be really cool. Last time we saw these guys was in the Justice League comic and boy, they were a bunch of fun to read. For those who are not familiar with them team, they are a group of heroes that were scientifically created to be robot-like saviors. Each team member is named after a metal which they are made out of. I cannot wait to see more of them.

DC Metal Men

4. Swamp Thing

Speaking of the writer Len Wein, he will have to write this mini-series like he used to. But interesting enough this does not look like the Swamp Thing from the last run. For those who don’t know I am talking about, Swamp Thing was found to be gone, but that is all I will say. It was a great run that I would not want to spoil for you so go and pick it up.


5. Poison Ivy: Cycle of Life and Death

Who would have thought that Poison Ivy would get a series? I would rather have a Lex Luthor one if we’re talking villains, but I guess the modern comics have tried to make Poison Ivy more of a hero, which I am not a fan of. I am hoping that this will bring Poison Ivy back to her ROOTS!(hehe) The cover looks like we might meet Poison Ivy’s possible relatives or maybe rivals. Amy Chu will be writing this and I have to say that she hasn’t really GROWN on me yet. What? You want me to stop with the puns? Fine I’ll LEAF you alone with them.

DC Poison Ivy

 6. Metamorpho

Can I just point out that this is the biggest surprise for me out of all the titles? Aaron Lopresti will pen this while, I have to admit I am not very found of Metamorpho as a character other then he probably morphs. I am hoping for Power Rangers to make an appearance. What we know is that Metamorpho is locked up in a laboratory, which could explain his absence in the DC Universe since the start of New 52.

DC  Metamorpho

7. Raven

Marv Wolfman returns to Raven, and I want to say that this is awesome news. The only sucky part is that there is no art for me to go off of so, I will just put a random picture instead. I am hoping that this will be more of a traditional Raven as we know her and not the Raven who has a mask out of bird feathers on her face. I wonder how many birds she had to skin?

Show+media+dedpul+pls+_5eb24e26f10fc9daac4681e3661eddf5There. Told you random picture.

8. Sugar and Spike

OK. So I know I said that Poison Ivy was a surprise, and then Metamorpho, but I am changing my mind again and I think that this series is the biggest surprise that came out of nowhere. Apparently this is about 2 siblings(1 girl and 1 boy) that will be detective reporters that will also try to help the world in occasions when the real superheroes don’t have time for us.  And this used to be an existing series a LONG time ago, but only the siblings were babies. So, it looks like this will be nostalgic for some people. They did that with Prez and surprisingly worked out for them.

DC Bro and Sis

Thank you so much for reading and taking your time. Thank you so much! Keep in mind that tomorrow we have Comic-Con and that I will be busier so I will try to post as much content as I can. Thanks again and have a nice Comic-Con season(if that’s what you call it).

Written by: Olaf Lesniak



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