All-New All-Different Marvel Comics Part 5

Thanks everyone for coming and reading this website. Today we have some interesting topics to talk about. So we just finished the Avengers portions of the Analysis and now it is time for us to go into the Spider-Man segment.

Let’s go!

19. Amazing Spider-Man

First of all I will say that I am happy that Dan Slott is still writing this series as he did Spider-Man a lot of justice in the past. We know that Peter Parker will be expanding Parker Industries worldwide, in fact it will be so successful that he will be one of Stark Industries’ rivals. We can also see Peter taking a page from Batman’s book because we see him in a Spider-Mobile(that can ride on walls) which I am not a fan of, but I will try to hold judgment until I actually get to read the series. There are rumors that Peter might be married after Secret Wars so that will be interesting IF it comes true. I like the look of the new suit and  the fact that the Spider webs will glow just like his suit. Some people don’t like this change, but I personally like it. I am hoping to see Spider-Man’s suit not only to be a nicer look, but an enhancement and advancement in technology. This is definitely a BUY.


20. Carnage

Cletus Kasady (SPOILER SKIP TO THE NEXT SENTANCE) died in AXIS so, this won’t probably be him. What the picture shows us is a mine so maybe the new host will have an origin or a fear of mines. Maybe. There isn’t much we can go off of, but we can only speculate. For now this is an UNDIFINED until I know more about this title, because Carnage is one of my favorite villains.


21. Spider-Woman

<Facepalm> When I initially saw this, I thought it was joke and that someone photoshoped Jessica Drew, but then I find out that it’s official and boy was I mad. Does she hate her child? Is there a reason to risk her child’s life? Even something safe as being a teacher usually makes pregnant women take a break from a job, and what is she doing? This was a publicity stunt by Marvel just to get readers and it sadly worked, because now I am curious as to who the father is, which means it’s a RENT. The dad could be anyone, I mean have you seen her previous outfit. Speaking of outfits I really started to grow on her new suit and now it is stretched(First world problem). But what if she is pretending to be pregnant!? Seems a too out there but my saying is “There’s never Too out there in Comic Books!”. That would make for interesting plot points, plus Marvel has marketed her without the pregnant belly in the “All-New All-Different” promos sometimes.

Spider-womanMarvel-Comics-RebootLet’s find Spider-Woman with no pregnant belly. Spider-womansThere she is! Not so crazy anymore am I?

22. Spider-Man

Brian Michael Bendis’ and Sara Pichelli’s baby is being handled by them as they work as a team. I like Miles Morales, but Bendis’ quotes were contradicting themselves a bit. First he said that Miles will be going through huge changes and after he said that he will be a street level hero that everyone loved. So I don’t think the team will be changing the characters’ status quo, but rather creating big changes in his interaction among other characters that he will be new to. Especially now that he literally lives in a different universe. The team didn’t want to reveal much more, but I don’t think I will be getting this. Like I said, I like Miles but I only read his stories when I stumble upon them and they are enjoyable, just not really that much worth of my time. But for some people is vice versa which is totally understandable. This is a PASS.

Miles Morales

I hoped you enjoyed this new “installment” and thank you for watching or reading. I hope that you are enjoying the Comic-Con season as much as me! Have an awesome day!!!



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