All-New All-Different Marvel Comics Analysis Part 4

Hey everyone, today is the start of Comic-Con and it will be much busier for me so here is another part of my All-New Al-Different Marvel Comics Analysis. Part 4!

Let’s go!

14. Illuminati

We’re going to open with a very bizrre team. Speaking of which, this the first time Marvel has called this title what it should have been called all along in history. But the team members are what struck me. We have: the Hood(leader) Absorbing Man(appeared on TV), Mr. Hyde (also appeared on TV), Titania and most interestingly Black Ant-Eric O’Grady who was the third Ant-Man and becomes a villain now. The other team members Marvel didn’t announce yet. I like this change and I am so surprised that they didn’t go with  the Iron Man, Reed Richards, Namor, etc. team. This is a RENT because team roster has peaked my interest….

2233266-nightshift-217x326 illuminati-7e24d

15. All-New Hawkeye

What? We have a very old looking Hawkeye along with the Kate Bishop Hawkeye, and there is also a Hawkeye on the New Avengers team so, is that the Clint Barton Hawkeye? I know a lot of Hawkeyes, but you can’t tell me that this Hawkeye is the Old-Man Logan one, because well, that one (SPOILER) died. So did Clint become old? IDK, but you give Jeff Lemire (who wrote Green Arrow) my 2nd favorite Marvel hero to write then I have to make this a BUY! Let’s not also forget that this will be Kate Bishop vs. Old Hawkeye.


16. Astonishing Ant-Man

I used to be a huge Ant-Man fan a couple years ago when Avengers: EMH cartoon was on. Remember that? So good. Now they replaced it with that crappy Avengers Assemble. Yuck. Stop. You’re making me want to vomit. Anyway this cover suggests that we will see Scott pretending to work for the criminals, just to maybe get closer to a case or something. We also see Grizzly among the villains and I like him just because he’s kind of lame. Actually all these villains look lame. Yes, even you Whirlwind. OK, let’s got to a different title before I loose my mind and talk to more characters on paper. This series will be a RENT.


17. The Vision

First Scarlet Witch and now the Vision is getting a standalone series assumingly thanks to the Avengers movie. So what we know so far is that we follow Vision trying to become a family man (again), but this time with another robot and not human like he’s supposed to! This is a PASS, because I like Vision and all, but I think he is a bit boring.


18. Contest of Champions

What the heck? Today’s list is so surprising! For those who don’t know this comic series is based off of a mobile fighting game and the game itself sucks. But the premise is cool. It’s about making many different characters from different universes fight each other in a gladiator-like style. We see Venom and Gamora (before Marvel NOW! versions) on the cover and we also see the evil future Hulk who I accidentally forgot the name so tell me if you remember. I think this series will be as boring as the game itself so, yes you guessed it, it is a PASS.


Sorry that I had to end it on a sour note, but hey! Today is the day Comic-Con starts and like I said before I will be super busy and I will try to post as much content as possible. Thank you for taking the time and reading this iteration of All-New All-Different Marvel Comics Analysis. Thank you again for reading and for more analysis and breaking Comic-Con news, stick to Comic Booger!


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