The Wake-Comic Book Review

The Magnificent Journey

This sci-fi thriller is a limited comic series that barely manages to keep you on your seat, because of the characters, adventures and the story it centers around. We visit a world that is full of adventure, but still manages to have that edgier and darker themes in an adult comic. In this story we follow a marine biologist, Dr. Lee Archer who is called in to work for a top secret agency that is studying a mystical, ancient marine creature, along with different scientists. The base is found to be under water, where our characters find something that found them.

The Wake

The Rich World

This is one of the richest comic book environments of all time. There are many doors left open to explore, with even more intriguing stories to be told inside of this sandbox. The world is rich and very diverse within itself and the artist Sean Murphy manages to capture the mythology which the environments provide. Unfortunately there are many times were the reader is left with a potential of the world, that is usually cut off by a time jump.

The Waka

Lovable Characters

The characters in the story are very interesting and even though they are not relatable, Scott Snyder somehow manages to make them likeable. The chemistry between the characters never feels out of place nor weird, but it feels natural, not forced and very back and forth. The team makes you feel for the characters and their face expressions are down right detailed.

Settle Storytelling

The storytelling is very fun to follow and the plot is very clever. The progression of the story is perfect until the time jumps ruin the feeling of satisfaction and turn it into incompletion, during the middle of the story. Just like the environment, it hits all the keys right until it runs into the “time jumps” problems. The story is brilliantly divided into two parts. The first part of the story feels inspired by the film “Aliens”(by: James Cameron), while the 2nd half of the plot feels like a good version of the “Water World”. There is also a perfect balance of seriousness and adventure implemented inside of the story.



This is Snyder’s and Murphy’s work at its best full of strong environments, characters and storytelling. All those things are sometimes cut down because of the time jumps, but at the end of the day you can forgive this flaw as the end product the team has crafted is a story worth everyone’s time even if you’re not a science-fiction junky.


Highly recommended.

Written by: Olaf Lesniak



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