Avengers: Age of Ultron-Review

Awesome Action Scenes

The action scenes in the film are downright one of the best action sequences of the year where every character had a badass move to show off that would wow the audience. The action also shows how much the team has grown and utilizes the chemistry between every character. Some of the action was the best part of the movie.

avengers aou

Too Much!

In the film there would be parts where the action scenes would take up most of the screen time, leaving not a lot of room for our characters to develop. Joss Wheadon did a wonderful job with being able to try and give each character a fair amount of screen time, but even for him it was too much. It was nice to see characters like Hawkeye shine and the twins were a very welcoming addition that managed to be always interesting on the screen. The interaction between Bruce Banner and Black Widow seemed a bit out of nowhere and too rushed which made the viewers not buy into their romance. The main antagonist of the film was a real star to watch with James Spader’s take on Ultron brought a lot of evil and life toward a character that is literally a machine.

A Black Hulk    A Ultron

Tuning the Tone

The tone of the film found a prefect balance with the more serious parts along with the more humorous ones. The tone never felt too chaotic nor out of place.

a quick witch


The movie focuses too much on setting up the future of the universe, rather then to focus on the plot and characters. With all that said the film is a fun ride that is worth the viewer’s time. The movie does best what it is supposed to do and that is to be fun.


I never found myself to be bored.

Written by: Olaf Lesniak


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