All-New All-Different Marvel Comics Analysis Part 3

Hey, guys! Thank you for making me part of your day. This will be a part 3 of my All-New All-Different Marvel Comics Analysis. I hope that you enjoy it and no further of do…

Let’s go!

9. Sam Wilson, Captain America

So, here’s the deal with this one.  I was never a huge fan of this change of Sam Wilson becoming Captain America, because the execution wasn’t that good, but this series looks more interesting. For those who don’t know Steve Rogers got his serum sucked away and now he is old(but is not skinny?). The tagline of this title says “Who do you stand with?” reminds me a lot of Civil War and it looks like Steve and Sam won’t be friends anymore. I am curious about this and I wonder what made them tear apart. This is a RENT, because the previous titles didn’t sell me, but I am giving this one a chance.


10. The Totally Awesome Hulk

The rumors have been “hulking” with this one. HAHA…haha. No? OK, sorry. Everyone thinks that since we have a Asian writer and artist, we might have an Asian Hulk! Marvel said themselves that the same people who didn’t like the female Thor change will not like this one. So, could this be Amadeus Cho, Shang Chi or even the Mandarin!? Yes, I said the Mandarin. Think about it. The picture has a shaded left hand of the Hulk, so maybe he has a metal arm, wearing a gauntlet, or wearing RINGS! Just a prediction, that’s all. Also, what has happened to Bruce now? This will be a RENT, because my wallet isn’t infinite in cash and I rather pick some other series up. I am just hoping that they will reveal his identity in the 1st or 2nd issue, unlike they did with the new Thor. Speaking of which…


11. The Mighty Thor

Thank gods of Asgard that we know who the new Thor is! Jason Aaron’s run on this new iteration is really smart and brilliant, so I cannot wait what he does next with Thor. I like how the picture shows us the weak side of the real identity, while the other one shows us how strong she can be as Thor. So this poster doesn’t show us much that we could analyze on. The only concern I have with this change of the character is that the new Thor constantly speaks like an Asgardian and it bugs me a lot, because we all know that she isn’t. I loved the previous run and I will want to continue reading I and hopefully this series will tell what Nick Fury said into Thor’s ear that made him drop the hammer. This will be a BUY for me.

mighty thor

12. Scarlet Witch

This series was a total surprise when I initially saw it. I am not sure on how to feel about a Scarlet Witch without her brother, because their chemistry was strong. I don’t know if this series is anything special, but in some way it peeks my interest. Scarlet Witch is wearing some gypsy-fortune teller-like outfit so maybe this will be a very different Scarlet Witch. We’ll see because this is a RENT.


13. Ms. Marvel

Ms. Marvel is an amazing character and I loved her previous run. Captain Marvel should learn from her. In this cover we see that Ms. Marvel has everything what she wanted. This looks really fun and she is just so happy that I will have to see what happens. Will that go away? What did she do to deserve this? This is a BUY!

Ms. Marvel

I hope you liked this analysis. I decided to analyze 5 titles instead of 4, so that we could run through them faster. Thank you so much for reading and joining me here. For more comic book breaking news stick here at Comic Booger!

Written by: Olaf Lesniak



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