All-New All-Different Marvel Comics Analysis Part 2

Heyo everyone! It is awesome to see you all here reading this. This will be the Part 2! of my All-New All-Different Marvel Analysis. Keep in mind that this could be a possible SPOILER with what will happen to these characters in post-Secret Wars. Now that you had to read this boring intro…

Let’s go!

5. New Avengers

Now this, will be a very interesting title seeing that it doesn’t include any of Marvel’s Trinity nor Spider-Man and Wolverine on the cover. This roster is made up of: Hulkling, Hawkeye, Songbird, Wiccan and Cannonball. We then see someone who looks like Squirrel Girl. We also know that Sunspot bought A.I.M., the evil corporation, and now the Avengers are using them for good things(like shown in this picture). A.I.M. now stands for Avengers Idea Mechanics, which is cool. Can I talk about the positions they are all in. They don’t match. It’s like each character had a separate picture and then they just merged all these into one. How come Hawkeye’s arm is so huge! His hand is bigger than Songbird’s head! Or maybe this is a new Hawkeye(again)? This will be a RENT for me, because it isn’t a must, but I am curious as to what will happen with A.I.M. from now on.

New Avengers


This a very interesting team with Black Panther, Blue Marvel, Ms. America Chavez, Captain Marvel, Monica Rambeau and…. GALACTUS!?!?!? This is a crazy and a very cool idea, but I wonder how the heroes got Galactus to be a good guy. I feel like they will make a random solution just to have Galactus on the cover so, that people would pick the comic up.  Now, I might be completely wrong, but this series is a RENT. I like how minor characters like Ms. America C., Blue Marvel are getting more spotlight. Although this has nothing to do with the original Ultimates the name is cool so that is why they went and kept it.


7. Doctor Strange

I have a theory about this book so SPOILERS for Secret Wars. The tagline “Some surgery requires a scalpel- some, an axe.” may suggest something important. In Secret Wars #4 Dr. Strange died at the hands of god Doom, but what if this axe is now some how responsible for bringing Dr. Strange back to life? And now a minute without the axe would kill him(like the Thor from early days where a minute without the hammer would turn him back into a human). Jason Aaron is writing this series and he never disappoints. This is a BUY for me.

Dr. Strange

8. Captain Marvel

I was really disappointed with Captain Marvel’s previous runs, because they were very boring. I said this already and I’ll say it again, why does she look like Miley Cyrus? Personally, I am not a fan of her new behavior. It’s like she is one of those try hard girls, who wants to prove that girls can be as tough as guys. Even though they can be, she is trying to prove it and that is really annoying. Did you notice that Carol as Ms. Marvel and Carol as Captain Marvel feel like two different characters, and I am aware that sometimes you have to make changes in order to make the character more interesting, but that isn’t he case here. I like her new costume though. And where is our Black Panther series? He is making his debut in film next year and his solo movie is coming before Captain Marvel and Inhumans films. I am really hoping that Marvel will still announce the series. Well, Captain Marvel is a PASS for me.


So, did you agree of disagree with my comments? Be sure to comment and like. Thank you so much for reading, because it helps me out a ton. There  will be more parts coming in the future for this analysis of All-New All-Different Marvel Comics. For more comic book related stuff, stick to Comic Booger.


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