All-New All-Different Marvel Comics Analysis Part 1

Hey everyone! As you all know the website known as Bleeding Cool has leaked Marvel’s plans for their future plans(shame on you). Then couple days later Marvel had to release their ‘official’ version of the comic books coming this October(which is still the same version as the leaked one). This will be a part 1 to a series of posts about this change in comics. I will cover about 4 titles a post so….

Let’s go!

1. Invincible Iron Man

I will go on record here and say that Brian Michael Bendis’ work hasn’t been very well critically acclaimed over the couple years. Sure, the very first arcs of X-Men titles he was working on were good, but that’s as far as he went. I am actually glad that Marvel has gave him Iron Man to work on because, he is an interesting character that I think Bendis can handle along with the feeling that this MIGHT be good and that this will be his road to redemption. Maybe Bendis brought us some bad stuff, but mostly he did amazing things. Gotta say that I am not a fan of Iron Man’s new suit,(I thought it was a kid in an armor at first because the suit does look like a toy) but who cares. As long as the story is good, then we are golden. Although the synopsis worried me a bit, because it spoke of Tony trying to cope with his actual origin(that he was adopted, blah,blah). And apparently Tony won’t have the Stark Industries to support him as much(like we found out on Free Comic Book Day Avenger title). I see this being good and fun(at least the first 2 arcs). It’s a BUY for me.

I Iron Man

2. A-Force

This is a actually a very cool idea for a book with all the heroines of the Marvel Universe. It has characters such as: She-Hulk, Medusa(who’s been getting a big push lately), Captain Marvel(who still looks like Miley Cyrus), Scarlet Which, Storm, Hellcat, Thor, Spider-Gwen, etc. along with some new faces that I have to admit I don’t really know. Although I heard good things about this title, currently it doesn’t peak my interests, which is all good. This one will be a PASS.


3. All-New All-Different Avengers

There is so many things right with this title. It has an amazing writer(I love his writing especially the Daredevil run). Alex Ross is one of the best if not the best artist in the history and I am glad that he is only doing the cover art because, his art would not fit the tone of this comic(which will be more light hearted). The team is made up of: Thor, Captain America, Iron Man, Vision, Ms. Marvel, Spider-Man(Miles Morales) and Nova(Sam Alexander). This team is SO diverse in sex, race, age, beliefs and we have an android. On Free Comic Book Day we got the chance to be introduced to them and if this title will be anything like that story we got on Free Comic Book Day, then I am in for the ride. The chemistry between the characters is perfect and everything seems too good to be true. This is a BUY!


4. Uncanny Avengers

I don’t know why Marvel is giving almost every superhero team an ‘Uncanny’ subtitle, but who cares! I can already see that this title will be a mixture of humor and seriousness. And I just want to address that we finally have Deadpool on the Avengers! It was his dream. Also note that he came back to life quickly. We also have Spider-Man who is probably Peter Parker and Human Torch who is probably Johnny Storm. We have Steve Rogers(who is Cap. ‘Murica no more), and want to ask how come Steve always goes back to this ugly outfit when he is not Captain America? SERIOUSLY! We also have Rogue, Brother Voodoo and Quicksilver(who are Uncanny Avengers regulars; also nice to see Quicky without his sis[and what the hell is wrong with the trace he leaves behind while running?]), and a rip-off looking Katana girl. This team looks like it will be a tone of fun unlike the previous Uncanny Avengers title. This title is a BUY.

Uncanny Avengers

Do you agree with these decisions or do you have a different opinion on them? Sound off in the comments below. There will be more parts coming so, stick with me at Comic Booger.

Written by: Olaf Lesniak



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