Secret Wars Summary Issues #1-4

This event is one of the best events Marvel has ever done! Now this might change, because there is still 4 issues left until the event is over, but knowing Jonathan Hickman’s writing style, this is not likely happening. This series is written by Jonathan Hickman, while the artist is the great, Alex Ross. I will go into a very deep territory known as the Secret Wars #1-4 so, SPOILER ALERT! Let’s jump into this baby and don’t cry like one, if you’re one of the people who didn’t understand the SPOILER WARNING!

Let’s go!

Let’s talk about how the series has opened up. The end of the world! Reading this broke my heart when in #1 we see Mr. Fantastic’s family die in front of his eyes, while he stayed in the safety pod with the rest of the heroes(including Miles Morales)! He tried to prepare for this event since Jonathan Hickman started his run on New Avengers and Avengers. You could see that Hickman has prepared for this for so long, and reading this was amazing. Sorry! Got off track praising the writer. EHEM! Not only did we see Reed Richards family die, but we also got see the end of our 2 favorite universes-the Earth-616 and the Ultimate Universe. The heroes try to survive by battling the other Earth, including Cyclops who now is fueled with Phoenix. Thank goodness that in issue 2 we saw some of those those characters survive. But how, you ask? Dr. Doom, mother father! He became the god(before the end) and created a new universe where he is ruling everyone and everything. His right hand man is Steven Strange who had the chance to embrace the same power Doom has now, but he rejected it. We also see Doom’s “Royal family” which is Invisible Woman, Valeria Richards. We find out that the Human Torch is now used as this world’s sun due to a disagreement with god Doom ruling.


Doctor Doom created lands were his punished men are send to. Those lands are filled with dangerous and monstrous creatures that will kill you. Now also in this universe there is a Thor Corp(or Core or whatever) and they obey their creator, GOD DOOM!!! But I didn’t tell you about another major player in this game. And that player is the Cabal-team of villains who tried to save our world by killing other ones, before the final incursion(collision of 2 worlds). In there we have: Namor, Thanos, the Maker, Black Swan, Terrax, etc. Doctor Strange later finds the pod where all the surviving heroes of Earth-616(and Miles Morales) were. He found out that they remembered everything, and so did the Cabal.


The Thor Corp has found the Cabal and got ready to battle. The Cabal has killed the Thor Corp’s members. When god Doom found out about this, he became full of fury. He entered the battlefield with the Cabal and the surviving heroes already there. He saw Reed Richards and knew that he had to be killed and disposed of. Cyclops, using the Phoenix Force within him, attacked god Doom. God Doom began melting, then as if nothing happened he shook it off and looked perfectly fine. Before Cyclops knows it Doom breaks Cyclops’ spine with ONE ARM. Steven Strange teleports everyone away, leaving him and Doom all alone. Dr. Strange speaks to god Doom that he might be different in appearance, but he is still the same as he knew him. Strange says that Doom is still afraid of Reed, then he speaks “And you should be!” God Doom feels betrayed by the only friend he had left, and then he kills Steven.

Well this was the end of the first half of the event, but there is still more to await for. I can’t wait for more. Tomorrow I will post my thoughts on this event, because today I posted the summary of #1-4. My review will come out once the event is over, because I believe we should review things in their full story and just little episodes of it. That way we see the full potential of the story and we can review it as for what it TRULY is. Keep in mind that this is a new website and that I am just getting started with all the posts. Be sure stick for more content to come, here at Comic Booger.

Written by Olaf Lesniak


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