DC Hall H Sand Diego Comic-Con 2015 Predicitions!!!!

Comic-Con is just around the corner and Warner Bros. (DC) along with Fox(X-Men, F4) will be there, but unfortunately Marvel won’t so, sadly they won’t get any love. I have some crazy predictions that may or may not come true. Let’s take a look into them. Know that I will be doing DC Comics only, because Fox never seems to unseal any surprising news during the Cons. I will also go crazy with these so no “NEW Batman v Superman footage will be revealed” type predictions. Those are too easy.

Let’s Go!

1. New Pictures of Our Justice League!

Just like last year Warner Bros. showed us the new Ben Affleck as Batman photo and the very first look at Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman. Now, this year I predict that DC will finally show us more pictures of Wonder Woman and Aquaman(both look awesome). New pictures of Ezra Miller as the Flash and Hal Jordan, will also be there. Cyborg’s photos won’t be revealed until next Comic-Con. Who would play Hal Jordan? Let me get to that in a sec.

Wonder WOman Aquaman

2. New Green Lanterns Announced

Yes, you read me right! I did write Lanterns as in plural! There will be an announcement of 2 Green Lanterns and who will play them in the 2020’s Green Lantern movie. Which Green Lanterns? Hal Jordan and Jon Stewart of coarse, and they will be portrayed by Chris Pine and Tyreese Gibson(I will let you figure out which plays which), and both will come out on stage. But here is the bummer for Jon Stewart fans. Hal Jordan will only appear in the Justice League movies. Shazam actor will most likely not be announced until next year since the Shazam film isn’t coming until 2019, which is 4 years.


3. New Superman and Batman Standalones Announced

The new Batman and Superman STANDALONE films will be announced and to go Super crazy, I will tell you which year they will come out. The Man of Steel sequel will come out in 2018 while the new Batman film will come out in 2020. I wouldn’t want a sequel to Man of Steel release in 2020 because that means there is a 7 year gap since a Superman standalone, even though 5 years is already big enough of a gap. I positioned Batman and Superman in years were they have no plans for the Justice League movies.


4. Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice will Come Out This Year

This is the craziest out of all my predictions and I believe that Zack Snyder will announce the actual release date for Batman v Superman for this Fall or Winter. This is already a too much of an ‘out there’ prediction that I won’t try to guess the month. Why do I believe so? Because Zack Snyder(director) has started shooting the film since late 2013. This is so likely to happen that DC could moved up their other films(like Shazam, or GL), but that’s even too risky for me.

bVS2 BvS

These are all my predictions for DC’s panel for SDCC 2015. Hopefully, you liked this list and be sure to know that for more COMIC BOOK posts stay here on the Comic Booger. Keep in mind that I started this website today so, know that I am just getting started. Thanks for reading.

Written by: Olaf Lesniak


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